Whistle-blowers are sometimes considered as knights of modern era. They are sometimes referred as the Robin Hoods of the modern ages. This is because they are risking everything they have in this life for some higher ethical and moral reasons. They are trying to present us a real world of spy networks and intelligence agencies. Everything is telling us that these organizations are very complex and that they are requiring attention just as whistleblower law.

46546324-whistleblower-hatWikiLeaks is the most known site when it comes to publication some confidential information. This has been founded by Julian Assange. He is the Australian Internet activist. Assange became very popular to the public when the Chelsea Manning affair leaked out. This was a story about United States soldier who was based in Iraq and transferred some important military and diplomatic confidential documents to the enemy. Chelsea was sentenced to a 35 year sentence in prison because of this leak. Assange used this to promote his new organization. Assange was under the investigation and prosecution by the United States since that time. Assange, in order to protect himself searched for asylum in the Embassy of Ecuador in London and he was granted.

 Wikileaks_logo.svgThe goal of WikiLeaks is to bring important news to the public. Their motivation is the truth. They are tired of lies which are presented every day by mass media and they are trying to change it. Wikileaks reviled a number of important documents mostly about US politics around the world. There are many classified documents about Afghanistan War and footage from Baghdad airstrike where two Iraqi journalists were murdered by the Apache helicopter. There are also many files about the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay prison.

They are doing this all in the sense of real human liberty and rights. Countries and states are doing all sorts of illegal murders and acts which are violating all sorts of human rights. They aren’t protected in any way and they are trying to give people information about their own lives and to show them how those lives are dangerous.  We are thinking that we are living in a world of happiness and freedom but it is vice versa. The government is spying us and watching our very step. Anybody who is trying to fight against the system is represented as a threat and there are all sorts of media which are trying to make that look real.


Whistle-blowers are doing a big job here. They are the main source of information to Internet sites, news agencies and journalists. Edward Snowden is probably the main name in this story. He did a great thing when he spoke publicly about the US government global surveillance system and its intentions. All of this has opened other types of similar stories. He was prosecuted and forced to leave his country because of his own safety only for the willingness to speak the truth to people about their countries policies and politics. Without the ethics of: Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning. Edward Snowden and all other whistle-blowers much information about our everyday life would remain hidden.